Frequently Asked Questions

What are your business hours?

Mon-Fri  9am - 9pm

Sat & Sun  10am - 8pm

What are your rates?

$480 first two nights, $100 each additional night, and a refundable $1000 damage deposit once the trailer has been returned and with no damages. *Ask us about our Progressive Discounted Rates*

How old do you need to be to rent a travel trailer? 

All renters are required to be a minimum age of 25

How does payment work?

A $250 minimum reservation/booking payment is required to secure a reservation. This $250 payment is applied directly to your rental invoice. Your rental balance (and refundable damage deposit) are not due until your arrival date. Once your rental has been returned & inspected, your damage deposit will be refunded to your credit card. This process usually takes 24-72hrs

What is provided with my rental trailer?

  • Hitch It and Ditch It stocks all of our trailers with the basics to help lighten your load when packing. Below is a list of the items you will find inside each rental trailer
  • Platform deck
  • AC
  • Heater
  • 7 Gallons Propane
  • 100 gallons of freshwater for dry camping
  • Hitch receiver and stabilizer bars
  • Onboard generator 4 hours per night additional fee for extra hours
  • 40-gallon fuel station which can be filled up and used by renter 91 octane only
  • Solar power 
  • (3) Rolls of RV Safe Toilet Paper
  • The Master Bed in each trailer also comes fitted with a Fitted Sheet. We do not provide any Bedding, Towels, or Pillows, other than those listed above.

Will I need a generator to camp in a travel trailer?

A generator is only needed when you are camping in a location without access to electrical outlets. All trailers are equipped with onboard batteries, Solar power, and an onboard generator In addition, there are several items on any RV that do not run on battery(s) and require a generator when dry-camping. (i.e. TV, DVD, Microwave, Power Outlets, A/C) If you require Air Conditioning in a location without power, you will need to start the onboard generator

Does Hitch It and Ditch It allow dogs?

While we do allow dogs (at no additional cost) any pet damages and/or additional cleaning costs incurred will be billed to the primary renter

How do Progressive Discounts work & are they valid on Holidays?

Once the (2) night booking minimum is met, all additional nights are then billed at approximately 50% of the standard rate. This discounted rate progressively lowers your overall nightly cost with each additional night booked. On certain Holidays there is a (3) night booking minimum, but the same discounted rate will still apply after the third night booked. Below is the list of the Holidays that currently apply:                                   

  • Presidents Day Weekend
  • Easter Week
  • Memorial Weekend
  • July 1st-5th
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Week
  • December 23rd - January 1st

Am I responsible for any cleaning?

Each rental trailer is extensively cleaned (inside & out) prior to each use. That said, all rental trailers should be reasonably clean upon return. We do not charge additional cleaning fees unless your rental is returned excessively dirty. Trash should be removed, counters and tables wiped off, and floors swept

How do I learn to use the travel trailer?

Hitch It and Ditch It provides an initial orientation at the time of delivery. This orientation usually takes about (30) minutes & helps the renters to get familiar with the operations of their particular rental trailer

How do I pay for my rental?

Hitch It and Ditch It requires that all payments be done via PayPal. We do NOT accept prepaid/gift cards for rental charges or damage deposits at the time of pickup. The credit card used must be in the name of the primary renter, and both must be present at pick-up. Payment by check is not accepted. A credit card is required for refundable damage deposit(s)

Is insurance required for towing?

Yes, you will need to purchase renters insurance through my carrier MBA and they will send me proof that it has been paid and the trailer can be released. Typically it is $18 a day

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my trip?

Although all reservation deposits are non-refundable, Hitch It and Ditch It does allow for reservation deposits to be transferred at no cost to the customer, for up to (12) months from the date of payment, provided all changes are made no sooner than (14) days from the original arrival date. Any cancellations or scheduling changes made within (14) days of your original arrival date will be subject to a $125 surcharge

What constitutes a rental day?

Rental cost is billed by the night, each night constitutes one rental day

How long will the water last when dry-camping?

Hitch It and Ditch It Toy haulers trailers come with 100 gallons of fresh water to make dry-camping easier but different people will use this water at a different pace. There are several factors that will determine how long your water supply will last including the number of people, duration of showers, sink use, etc... As a general rule when dry-camping, all onboard resources (water, battery power, and propane) should be considered precious and must be conserved to keep all onboard systems functioning during your stay

Is it safe to drink water from the freshwater tank?

We do not recommend it. Although the water is filtered when filling the tank at our location. We recommend using bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water from the onboard tank is fine for cleaning & bathing

How do I know what size space to reserve for my rental?

All trailer sizes are listed in overall length to best determine the size of campsite required. All measurements already include 4ft for the tongue of the trailer

How much does it cost for a campsite?

Campsites vary depending on location and site amenities but usually range between $30 and $60 per night. Hitch it and Ditch it is not responsible for any campsite reservations and recommends you make campsite and trailer reservations several months in advance to help ensure availability. Links to local Campgrounds and RV parks can be found HERE

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