Who We Are

Hitch It & Ditch It RV Rentals is a family-owned business with a goal of making camping easier with luxury trailer rental and delivery services. As avid campers ourselves, we have experienced what makes a camping trip great. We know the memories people can make by getting out and exploring. We hope that our trailer rental and delivery service will allow more people to enjoy the glamping experience.

At Hitch It & Ditch It RV Rentals, we make it possible to enjoy all the benefits of camping in a new quality trailer without all the hassle of ownership. Our focus is to provide new trailers with the best amenities to make your camping experience great. For the past 10 years we have rented our trailers to campers like you, and have refined the most popular options. We have selected specific trailer models and options to meet that criteria and feedback from our customers. We order new trailers annually to keep our fleet the most current and hassle free.

We look forward to bringing the joy of camping to you and your family!

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